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The Psycho-Educational Evaluation

Is your child struggling in school?   Is homework time wrought with tension? Does your child seem to understand the material, then do poorly on tests? Does your child easily forget what s/he has learned? Is your child falling behind in school? Is reading or spelling a struggle?  Math a misery? Does your child seem to be more intelligent than his/her grades would suggest? Is your child easily distracted? 
Doing well in school is a necessary prelude to a successful career.  As a rule, kids want to excel in school.  Everyone wants to be “smart”, and children often feel sad and disappointed when they aren’t learning as quickly as their peers or earning the marks that would make them feel proud.  Acting out, avoidance of school work, “forgetting” to do homework, and drawing negative attention in the classroom are ways kids sometimes express their academic frustrations. 
There is hope!  Dr. Feinberg is a “learning detective.”  She has been providing educational testing as well as practical suggestions to students, parents and teachers for over thirty years.  You, too, can find out what is holding back your child, and what you and your child can do to finally move forward.   
A psycho-educational evaluation is designed to learn about your child’s particular learning style.  Understanding how your child thinks and learns can unlock his or her potential and lead to academic growth.  This is crucial, as unchecked academic concerns lead to low self-esteem, and often to depression and drug/alcohol abuse.  Helping your child meet his intellectual potential often leads to confidence and a “can do” attitude.  Improved self-esteem and positive social interactions often follow. 
All testing is personally administered by Dr. Feinberg in her quiet, comfortable private office.  Dr. Feinberg has been working with children and teens for many years, in several capacities.  Helping kids feel safe and confident during the testing process is very important to her, so children can be open about their fears, and do their very best.  With a warm and supportive environment, kids are more apt to talk about what is getting in their way. 
The psycho-educational evaluation consists of several steps.  Parents are asked to fill out several forms that provide helpful information for Dr. Feinberg.  At the start of the first testing session, a child is interviewed.  This is to help your child feel comfortable in the testing environment, but also to gather pertinent information.  Next, an “IQ” test is administered in order to determine your child’s academic potential, or what he or she CAN do, provided s/he is not “blocked” by learning problems.  Next, “Cognitive Testing” is administered.  This testing provides data concerning how your child best processes information.  Examples include short and long-term memory, auditory processing, visual processing, focus, and the like.  The last portion of the testing involves “Achievement Testing.”  This allows Dr. Feinberg to closely observe your child as s/he approaches math, reading, writing, spelling and other academic areas.  These tests allow your child to exhibit his or her capacity to approach subject areas from many angles.  The testing is administered over two sessions, with each session lasting 2.5 to 3 hours.   
After testing is completed, Dr. Feinberg writes an individualized report.  This is NOT the cookie cutter rendition that is often provided for parents.  Rather, each subtest is interpreted in plain English, and the data is well-integrated and organized so you can understand and use the findings.  Dr. Feinberg spends five to six hours scoring, interpreting and then writing the report.  You will be invited in for a 1.5 hour feedback session, during which the material is gone over with a fine-toothed comb.  You will leave with a firm understanding of your child’s learning style, your child’s strengths and challenge areas, and what you and the school can do to help your child move forward.  You will be provided with a lengthy and thorough report with all of the findings and recommendations.  You will be provided with the names and contact information of specialists in the community who can help you and your child progress.  Your answers will be directly answered.  School placement options can also be discussed during this session. 
Dr. Feinberg does NOT accept insurance for these educational evaluations.  She offers reasonable fees for this time-intensive although invaluable process.  Should you wish to discuss fees and/or set testing appointments, please email Dr. Feinberg at: or call her at: (813) 264-7314. Please be sure to mention you have read this material and that you are calling about scheduling a psycho-educational evaluation.  I look forward to meeting you! 😊

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