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As a person who has earned the rite of passage to "Seniorhood," I applaud you! You have undoubtedly grown from your experiences, and hopefully, are enjoying your wisdom.  Perhaps your family has "grown," and you are blessed with grandchildren, nieces and nephews.  Maybe you are retired and enjoying your newfound free time.  Possibly, you are still working, and have reached a point where your skills are well-developed and fruitful.  At the same time, many Seniors are struggling in today's economy, while some are battling health issues.  

Perhaps you have lost your soulmate, and are struggling with your new status as a single person in a coupled world.  With that brings a longing for your old life, and sometimes, overwhelming anxiety as you take over tasks your spouse so easily took care of for you.  Perhaps your house is deafeningly silent, as your children have grown up, started their own families and are too busy to reach out to you as much as you'd like.  Maybe you are starting your second, dream career that is more challenging than you anticipated.  Or maybe your children are raising your grandchildren in ways that make your toes curl.

Some Seniors tell themselves that they need to, "Just deal with it."  Although a psychologist may not be able to change your current situation, having an ear and perhaps a new perspective can lighten your load and lessen your anxiety.  Dr. Feinberg has been practicing as a licensed psychologist for over thirty years.  She is known for her warmth as well as her non-judgmental and practical approach.  She prides herself on intently listening to her clients, and directly responding to their questions and concerns.  While working as a team, real and practical solutions are generated, while honoring your needs and your personal pace.


I look forward to meeting you! Should you like an appointment, please let me know via email:, or call: (813) 264-7314.

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