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Dr. Feinberg earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology in 1985.  She completed a pre-doctoral internship at a psychiatric hospital in New Jersey, where she was trained in adult and child psychology.  She completed a second pre-doctoral internship at University of South Florida, where she was trained in adult and child psychology.

Dr. Feinberg has been practicing as a licensed doctoral level psychologist since 1987.

Florida Psychological Association
American Psychological Association
National Registry of Psychology
American Society of Reproductive Medicine

About Dr. Feinberg

I am a licensed psychologist, and have been working in the field of psychology since 1985.  I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology from Florida Institute of Technology.  

Upon graduating, I worked on an in-patient unit with adolescents, then ran Diagnostics and Evaluation at a mental health center.  Subsequently, I worked with children and teens at a residential program for children with learning disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  I have been working in private practice since 1987. 

Although I have a general practice and work with people from six to ninety-six, I have some areas of specialization.  Besides providing individual psychotherapy, I work with couples and families. 

I provide psycho-educational evaluations for gifted placement, learning disabilities and ADHD. These evaluations are administered as you or your child sit with me at my desk.  By doing the testing myself, I can make every effort to insure you or your child will feel comfortable and encouraged during the evaluative sessions.  The results of either a gifted evaluation and/or an evaluation to determine learning style can change the course of a person's life.  My hope is that the information gleaned from these evaluations will help you or your child feel more confident in your strengths, and more knowledgeable about your learning style. Please know my psycho-educational evaluations are consistently accepted by the public school system as well as by private schools.

I work a great deal in Reproductive Psychology, in which I provide support for couples attempting to cope with infertility.  I help individuals and couples as they undergo various treatments in hopes of building a family.  If needed, I aid couples as they explore alternative and creative means to build a family.  Additionally, I work with several agencies and medical establishments, as I provide psychological evaluations for egg donors, surrogates and intended parents.  I provide support as couples explore the possibility of adoption, and I provide evaluations for couples as they move forward in the adoptive process.  Although I thoroughly enjoy each aspect of my work, I find it particularly heart-warming and rewarding to see a couple transform into a family.  As an aside, I am raising a beautiful daughter I adopted from China. 

I thoroughly enjoy providing psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families.  I feel honored to be given the opportunity to help you learn and grow.  I believe that given a warm atmosphere and the necessary tools, most people can realize personal growth and fulfillment.  It brings me a great feeling of satisfaction when a person proudly walks away, no longer in need of my services.  Of course, it is a wonderful feeling to hear from you periodically, throughout the years.

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