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Welcome and Thank You for Visiting Dr. Barb Cares!


If you are visiting my site, you have probably decided you would like to share a part of your journey with a professional.  You may hope to feel happier or more sure of yourself.  Perhaps, you would like to gather some fresh ideas about parenting.  Maybe you need an evaluation for yourself or a third party, as you build your family in a creative manner. It may be that your relationship has recently fallen apart.  Or maybe your child is struggling in school, and you would like to know how to understand and help him.  Regardless, it can be a daunting task to choose someone who will listen well, guide you with sound ideas, and encourage you toward what is best for you, given your individual style. 

Psychotherapy is often most successful when you feel comfortable enough to share your concerns with your psychologist.  Additionally, it is best if you feel you can say anything you need to, but you can also set limits on what you are willing to share.  It is optimal when there is an honest and comfortable communication between you and your psychologist, so you can work as a team.

In order to trust your psychologist, it is helpful to know more about her.  My background is in education and psychology.  Prior to pursuing my doctorate in clinical psychology, I became certified in three states as an elementary school teacher.  Since that time, I earned a Masters, then a Doctorate in clinical psychology.  At this point in time, I have worked in the field for over 25 years.  My style is warm, gentle, supportive and direct.  Over the years, I have learned a great deal not only from my training, but from my clients.  I believe an effective psychologist listens well, and is able to tailor her approach with regards to the needs of her clients.  I believe each person is doing the best he or she can, given where they have been and what they have learned.  I see my role as your guide.  I hope to help you add to your repertoire and fortify your "tool belt", as you wend your way through your life.


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